Only too often many individuals do not partake in proper wound care that may lead to infection or unclassified pain. This is the reason why at Classic Rehabilitation, Inc. we have created a Wound Care Program designed to treat and aid various complicated wounds. Many of our therapists are skilled in healing difficult venous, arterial, decubitus and surgical wounds. In order to successfully treat these wounds, an assessment of the entire patient is necessary. At times systemic problems may impair wound healing or vice versa. A clinician assesses the wound based upon:

  • Size and depth
  • Appearance of the wound surface
    • Necrotic or viable
  • Amount of wound exudate
  • Periwound tissue
    • Pigmented
    • Scarred
    • Atrophic
    • Cellulitic

Moreover, due to the overstimulation of a patient’s sympathetic system there is vasoconstriction of the patient’s vessels leading to inadequate oxygenation of the tissue. This may also lead to blood volume deficiencies, unrelieved pain, or hypothermia.

While caring for our patient’s wounds, we ensure that the patient receives adequate nutrition to avoid protein-calorie malnutrition. One of the biggest consequences of poor wound healing are opportunistic infections that may colonize. Initially we remove foreign bodies, then irrigate the wound, and provide a moist wound bed to cover the wound. Common forms of ulcers which need proper treatment include pressure, venous and diabetic foot ulcers. Patients with lymphedema also benefit from appropriate wound care to prevent exacerbations or recurrences.

Anything that disrupts the normal wound healing process puts a person at risk for complications. There are three types of wound healing:

  • First intention – primary healing; clean laceration or surgical incision is closed primarily.
  • Second intention – secondary healing; when a wound is left open to heal by granulation, contraction, and epithelialization.
  • Delayed primary closure – combination of the first two; wound is left open 5-10 days and the suture is closed to decrease risk of infection.

When we initially meet our patients we educate them on these processes along with any other necessary information needed to help heal the patient and avoid further consequence.

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