Working with patients who have had work-related injuries requires a very sincere approach in an environment that allows for the individual to heal as well as move forward without repetitive injury. Rehabilitation of injured workers is completed by an incorporation of cardiovascular fitness, correction of body mechanics (i.e. posture), coordination, strength, endurance, and flexibility. At Classic Rehabilitation, Inc. we comprehend that many times pain is not the most common symptom of work-related injuries but sometimes they are an admixture of clinical signs. By continuously focusing on reintroducing the patient to a fully modified work level via stimulations and conditions to reestablish functionality, our physical therapists ensure the most efficient recovery.

This particular specialty program geared towards industrial rehabilitation consists of various functional reports, rehab treatments and exercises. Services we provide include:

  • Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)
    • Compares injured workers physical ability to the physical demands of their occupation
    • This evaluates the patient’s ability to return to work
    • Checks the patient’s maximum medical improvement (MMI)
    • Evaluates patient’s efforts levels and their reliability as a patient.
  • Work Hardening and Work Conditioning
    • Work hardening – transition the patient back into the world of their work by testing their productivity, safety, physical tolerance and work behaviors
    • Work conditioning – restores patient’s functionality by incorporating job simulation via strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness to allow for the patient’s immediate return to their occupation.
  • Consistent Evaluations and Treatment
    • In order to help the patient and physical therapist continuously review the effectiveness of the regimen which have been set for them.
  • Functional Progress Notes
    • To help the physical therapist and clinicians monitor the patient.
  • Functional Discharge Summary
    • After the patient becomes a fully functional worker the clinicians need to ensure that the employer and the worker understand their limitations and necessities to both prevent further injury and recurring injury.

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