Wrist Injury - Classic RehabThe human hands and wrists are used in every minute or grand movement we make. For this very reason, at one point or the other, everyone may experience a minor injury to their finger, hand or wrist that leads to pain and swelling. Most commonly these injuries occur during sports, recreational activities, work-related tasks, household tasks, and accidental falls. Furthermore, acute injuries may also be the reason a patient seeks physical therapy – bruises, ligament tears, tendon tears, sprains, strains, fractures, or crushing injury. The other common category of injuries is overuse – carpal tunnel syndrome, tendon pain, De Quervain’s disease.

At Classic Rehabilitation, Inc. we identify, eliminate and treat our patient’s injuries and disorders to the best of our abilities to augment their therapeutic outcomes. Keeping our patient’s needs in mind, our physical therapist work one on one with the patient to create the regimen that suits their individual needs. In sports medicine, common identified injuries include:

  • Jammed Finger
    • Striking the end of the finger while fully extended
  • Finger Fracture
    • Force of contact overwhelms strength of bone
  • Mallet Finger
    • Impact on the tip of the finger leading to rupture of the tendon that holds the finger tips straight
  • Nail Bed Injury
    • Impact or crush injury on top of the nail
  • Finger Dislocation
    • Force of finger overwhelms ligaments and joint displaces
  • Tendon Tear
    • Force of grasp with object pulling away, ruptures tendon
  • Wrist Bone Fracture
    • Fall on the outstretched hand
  • Wrist Ligament Tear
    • Impaction or twisting injury of the wrist
  • Ulnar Collateral Ligament tear
    • Tear of the ligament that stabilizes the thumb with grasping
  • Tendonitis
    • Repetitive activity of one specific movement
  • Growth Plate Stress
    • Most common in gymnasts.

The team of therapists at Class Rehabilitation, Inc. on each patient’s case evaluates the complex nerve, muscle, tendon, joint and ligament structures of the upper extremity. Contact Classic Rehabilitation today with your questions and concerns pertaining to wrist and hand injuries in need for physical therapy. We are conveniently located in Arlington, Bedford and Grand Prairie; providing full service physical therapy physicality with aquatics therapy and more.