Why Aquatics Therapy is Great for Sports Injuries Classic Rehabilitation Bedford

Why Aquatics Therapy is Great for Sports Injuries?

Why Aquatics Therapy is Great for Sports Injuries Classic Rehabilitation BedfordAquatics therapy has revolutionized the way we rehabilitate from injuries and illnesses, providing a safe and supportive environment for people of all ages and backgrounds. When it comes to athletes, aquatics therapy has quickly become a go-to following injuries of all different kinds. You may not have noticed an increase in the number of physical therapy options in recent years, as more and more individuals and experts alike are realizing the benefits of these alternative forms of therapy. Along with physical therapy centers, we have seen numerous aquatics therapy centers pop up, including here at Classic Rehabilitation. We believe in providing our patients with a broad range of options to help them get back on their feet and recover from injuries.

If you are an athlete in Bedford or elsewhere in North Texas, we encourage you to stop by or give us a call to learn more about the benefits of aquatics therapy. We understand how important it is for you to get back on the field or court, and we are here to help. The ultimate goal when selecting a rehabilitation program is to find a no-risk therapy that will lessen your recovery times, while still getting you back to your lifestyle. Because of the buoyancy property of water, aquatics therapy has proven to be extremely beneficial for those with injuries. It decreases the amount of weight-bearing, which places less stress on the joints and musculoskeletal system.

Benefits of Aquatics Therapy for Athletes

There are many great uses for aquatics therapy, but recovering muscles before and after practice, rehabilitation following an injury, and general training and conditioning are the top reasons athletes come to Classic Rehabilitation. This is because of the benefits of water therapy, such as:

  • Minimizes joint stress
  • Minimizes muscle soreness
  • Shorter pain and recovery time
  • Can implement exercise protocols that cannot be done on land
  • Allows for continued training and conditioning during recovery
  • Helps those recovering from sports injuries achieve much faster recovery times

It is no secret that water has a well-deserved reputation for healing. Over the years, we have seen firsthand how water helps athletes and others with sports-related injuries recover from their injuries much quicker. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that water therapy allows patients to move through the entire rehabilitation process much faster, and without any compromising outcomes. It is a relatively pain-free therapy that brings patients in, rather than drawing them away. Aquatics therapy makes it much easier for patients to move around and regain function, which can be a very positive experience.

If you are thinking about participating in aquatics therapy, please contact Classic Rehabilitation today. Our therapists would be happy to discuss the benefits with you as well as what you can expect from this program. We use many different treatment tools and equipment to help those with sports injuries, including aqua barbells, gloves, water fins, ankle weights, and noodles. To learn more, please contact Classic Rehabilitation today.