Water Therapy vs. Land Therapy: What You Need to Know

Water-Therapy-Aquatics-Physical-Classic-Rehab-Grand-Prairie-Arlington-TexasIn recent years we have learned that water therapy has many incredible benefits that land therapy simply does not. Whether you are a competitive athlete who is living with chronic pain and soreness or an elderly individual suffering from arthritis or fibromyalgia, water therapy very well may be the answer for you. While physical therapy and land-based exercises can certainly help many, there are some circumstances where this simply isn’t an option. One of the top benefits of aquatics therapy is that it is nowhere near as hard on the muscles and joints as land-based exercises. When you undergo this type of therapy, there is little to no impact, allowing your joints and body in general to recover faster. Another bonus to aquatics therapy is that basically all of the same exercises that can be performed on land can be done in the water. This means that you are receiving the same benefits that you would through a land-based physical therapy program, but complaints of aches and discomfort are noticeable minimized.

As a leading Grand Prairie aquatics therapy facility, we believe in providing each and every one of our clients with the tools they need to achieve optimal health and wellness. Whether you have been injured in a sporting accident, are suffering from a neurological disorder, or have been living with chronic pain for years, aquatics therapy could be just what the doctor ordered, so to speak. There are many different components to water therapy and a wide range of conditions that can be treated via this form of exercise. For today’s purposes, we are going to go over some of the benefits of water therapy over land therapy. Keep in mind that, once again, there are many instances in which land-based physical therapy is the right choice, but for some, aquatics therapy may be the better option.

Benefits of Water Therapy

For individuals who have experienced an injury or pain to the bones and joints, water therapy may be the right path of treatment. Depending on the specific circumstance, land-based exercise may result in further injury to the joints, mainly because it is a high impact form of therapy. Let’s now take a look at some of the top benefits of aquatics therapy vs. land-based therapy:

  • Water therapy provides little to no impact, unlike exercises done on land
  • Even if you are unable to stand on land because of an injury or due to pain, you will be able to stand in the water
  • Water makes everyone equal, meaning that there are no limitations based on age, body size, sex, or health conditions
  • Water is incredibly supportive of the body
  • When performing exercises in water, there is a limited chance of falling
  • Water is full of healing properties, which will help help remedy injuries much quicker than other forms of therapy
  • Water works to reduce swelling in joints
  • All exercises performed in the water use the total body
  • You will not be sore or experience any stiffness following a water therapy session
  • Turbulence in the water provides you with a body massage as you are going through the motions
  • You will work harder to move your limbs in the water due to resistance
  • Due to the resistance of water, your movements will be slower and more precise
  • The use of your muscles in the water is more efficient
  • Water therapy is great for back pain, as it does not have as big of an impact on the spine
  • Warmth, buoyancy, and support of water provides a safe environment, especially for those with balance problems

As you can see, there are many awesome benefits of water therapy vs. land-based therapy. To learn more about our Grand Prairie aquatics therapy or physical therapy programs, please do not hesitate to contact Classic Rehab today.