Let Pain Management Change Your Life, Not Chronic Pain

Let-Pain-Management-Change-Your-Life-Not-Chronic-Pain-Classic-Rehab.jpgWe all understand and experience pain differently and therefore express ourselves in relation to our pain differently. Many studies show how people reported and felt about pain varied according to their gender, ethnicity and age. Sometimes, women from certain cultures are told not to talk or “whine” about their pain too much because it makes them look weak. Such attitudes can help one survive in a certain social environment however it can hurt an individual a lot. Almost 50 million Americans have chronic pain, which means that there is some part of their body that is constantly causing problems and stopping them from living life to the fullest. However, a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on thousands of Americans revealed that half the people with severe chronic pain (who were interviewed) reported their overall health to be good or better. We can only imagine how hazardous such ignorance can be to their health.

Chronic pain affects everyday life and more

Chronic pain can sometimes become a part of a person’s routine and is easy to ignore if it isn’t causing major problems. Back pain is the most common type of chronic pain in Americans and is also the most untreated kind of pain. Back pain is also the leading cause of disability in adults under the age of 45. A survey conducted by the American Pain Foundation found that 51% of the people (studied) believed that they did not have control over their chronic pain. This sense of helplessness can often mean that people do not think something can be done about their pain and continue to live with it without proper treatment. Individuals often loose huge amounts of productive time at work due to chronic pain and as a result face mental anguish alongside financial losses.

Chronic pain can be a life altering experience. People have to take more leave from work, change jobs to cater to their challenging physical needs, seek help for their daily activities and move to an accommodation that is easier to manage. Not only can these changes be expensive, they can also lead to serious mental problems like depression. Moreover, constantly taking painkillers to manage chronic pain can lead to drug addictions and/or drug abuse.

Recognizing that your pain is a major health issue that needs expert attention is the first step towards getting better. The goal should be to gain your independence back through pain management so that you do not have to depend on drugs, expensive treatments or others to enjoy life. Classic Rehabilitation is a true believer in the power of pain management. Physical therapists at Classic Rehabilitation, Inc. tailor their management programs per patient by integrating innumerable forms of physical modalities. Our therapists work with you to get you much more than pain relief – an independent life. We offer full service physicality in Arlington that provides physical therapy with aquatics therapy and more. Contact Classic Rehabilitation to schedule a pain management appointment in Arlington, Grand Prairie, or Bedford today.