Frequently Asked Questions About Aquatics Therapy

frequently-asked-questions-about-aquatics-therapy-classic-rehabilitation-arlingtonAquatics therapy has recently become one of the most popular – and effective – forms of physical therapy. It has helped countless individuals overcome chronic pain and rehabilitate for injuries or illness. There are numerous reasons why aquatics therapy is taking the nation by storm, namely because of the fact it is a safe alternative to traditional land-based therapy. It can also be used in conjunction with physical therapy or other techniques to rehabilitate the patient even faster. Aquatics therapy is suitable for children, adults, and seniors, all of whom we can cater to at Classic Rehabilitation. Water has many soothing properties, helping to heal the body while strengthening, increasing mobility, and encouraging flexibility. If you’ve never heard of aquatics therapy before, we encourage you to come in and see what it’s all about!

Since aquatics therapy isn’t as well known (yet!) as other alternative forms of therapy, we thought it would be beneficial to look at some of the most frequently asked questions we field. We understand that any new type of therapy like this can be intimidating, but it is our goal to make you feel at ease and ensure you have a good idea of what to expect prior to coming in for a session. Here now are some general FAQs about aquatics therapy at Classic Rehabilitation.

What is aquatics therapy? First and foremost, aquatics therapy is the skilled practice of physical therapy in a warm pool or other aquatic environment. This type of therapy is used for treatment of injury or chronic illness, rehabilitation, prevention, overall health and wellness, and fitness in a wide range of patients. Aquatics therapy can help with musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, cardiovascular/pulmonary, and integumentary diseases or disorders.

How effective is aquatics therapy? There is a great deal of research and evidence that highlights the effectiveness of aquatics therapy in treating numerous diagnoses. To learn more about how aquatics therapy may help your specific condition or injury, please contact Classic Rehab today.

How warm is the water? Our pools are kept at a comfortable 92 to 94 degrees. This ensures the water is not too hot, but just warm enough that the patient will feel the benefits.

What can I expect during my first visit? The first time you come to Classic Rehab for aquatics therapy, you will start with an initial consultation and evaluation with one of our aquatic therapists. This appointment usually lasts about an hour. By the end, we will have developed a customized treatment plan, including home exercises and a schedule for your pool sessions.

What should I bring? Towels and lockers are provided and we encourage patients to bring their preferred water attire, whether that is a swimsuit or comfortable t-shirt and shorts. You should also bring any necessary toiletries or items you may need if you would like to take a shower after your session.

To learn more about our Arlington aquatics therapy offerings, please contact Classic Rehab today. If you are new to aquatics therapy, we would be happy to discuss what to expect and what some of the benefits are with you.