Did you know Physical Therapy can treat these conditions Classic Rehabilitation Arlington

Did you know Physical Therapy can treat these conditions?

Far too many people are unaware of the major benefits of physical therapy. While people are uneducated as to what all physical therapy can help treat, they opt to other remedies or treatments that are not nearly as helpful.

While so many people turn to physical therapy for the obvious ailments such as sport’s injuries etc., a decent amount of people are unaware of the benefits of physical therapy for other diseases and conditions. Keep reading to learn about the conditions that physical therapy and rehabilitation in Arlington can help treat that you perhaps didn’t know about.

  1. Vertigo (dizziness)
    Vertigo, lightheadedness, dizziness, and balance disorders often can improve by various balance exercises as well as vestibular rehabilitation.
  2. Re-occurring headaches
    Headaches are often a symptom of another problem. Often headaches occur as a result of previous neck or head injuries, tight neck or back muscles, bad posture, etc. Physical therapy can help address the true problem behind the headaches and come up with a plan of treatment.
  3. Parkinson’s Disease
    Physical therapy can help to slow down the progression of Parkinson’s Disease as well as decrease the symptoms.
  4. Cerebral Palsy
    Physical therapists can work with patients suffering from cerebral palsy in the three developmental stages to help improve their quality of movement and life. The therapist will likely use movement and strengthening methods to help the patient to gain more control over their body. The various programs for this condition aim to build and maintain strength, manage pain, and minimize joint issues.
  5. Cancer
    Those who are suffering from cancers of the lungs, bones, brain, colon, etc., can turn to physical therapists to help them alleviate side effects from the various treatments they are undergoing that diminish their strength and energy.
  6. Lymphedema
    Physical therapists like to use complete decongestive therapy as well as compression to help reduce swelling and increase movement of fluids in patients suffering from lymphedema.
  7. Multiple Sclerosis
    Multiple Sclerosis is commonly treated by physical therapy in hopes to maintain strength and control in muscle movement as well as maintain as much mobility as possible.
  8. Muscular Dystrophy
    Physical therapists treat muscular dystrophy by prescribing mobility aids. They also treat this condition by educating and assisting the patient in exercises designed to build strength and balance.
  9. Severe skin burns
    There are movements and exercises that physical therapy will use to help burn victims to maintain range of motion and manage scarring.
  10. Osteoarthritis
    While this joint disease can often lead to stiffness, pain, and swelling, physical therapy can help the patient to maintain range of motion as well as reduce swelling and pain.
  11. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome has become quite a common condition developed by Americans today. A physical therapist can help you alleviate the symptoms by implementing exercises and stretches as well as prescribing splints to help with this condition.

Physical therapy is an extremely beneficial treatment for multiple disorders and has become a very popular alternative to invasive surgery and debilitating medications. Classic Rehabilitation, Inc. is a physical therapy center in Arlington, and we want to help. Our team of caring and expert physical therapists want to help you find relief and strength. If you have any questions or would like to come see us, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.