Benefits of Aquatics Therapy for Orthopedic Problems

Orthopedic-Problems-Aquatics-Therapy-Grand-Prairie-Bedford-Arlington-TexasNot all arthritis or joint pain patients can do physical therapy exercises because their condition does not allow them to do so. Aquatic therapy has been known to be an effective solution for these patients as water’s physical properties prove to give better recovery outcomes.

  • Buoyancy – When a patient is in water the upward force exerted by water opposes the weight of the patient and as a result de-weights the patient’s body mass. This can help decrease the stress on joints/muscles and make it easier for the patient to move the affected body part/muscle/bone.
  • Hydrostatic pressure – Water’s hydrostatic pressure can help decrease swelling and decrease joint pain.
  • Viscosity – the consistency of water provides a great source of resistance for strengthening muscles. Unlike the resistance that weights provide, water’s viscosity gives even resistance around the affected area that is optimal (but at the same time not too much for the patient).
  • Temperature – Water’s temperature can be adjusted to provide the best environment in which the patient can exercise. Some studies have shown that exercising in warm water can help patients increase muscle flexibility; the warm water can help vasodilate vessels and increase blood circulation around the affected areas which can be improved.

As a result of the properties mentioned above, aquatics therapy lessens impact on joints (as compared to therapy on land), provides a natural environment with just the right amount of resistance and significantly improves joint flexibility. Aquatics therapy is suitable for patients suffering from arthritis, muscle spasms, muscle or bone injury or any other orthopedic issue. Swimming skills are not required for aquatics therapy as water levels in the pool are adjusted according to the patient’s height.

Classic Rehabilitation Inc. offers effective aquatics therapy services at our physical therapy centers in Arlington, Bedford or Grand Prairie, TX. We have fully equipped aquatic rehabilitation pools at our facilities that are fitted with resistance jets, underwater treadmills, massage hose systems and many more facilities that focus on giving our patients the best aquatics therapy experience. Our passionate therapists have helped many patients gain their joint and muscle strength back through aquatics therapy. If you or a loved one have arthritis or any other orthopedic problem that is keeping you from performing everyday physical activities, then aquatics therapy may be the right solution for you. Contact Classic Rehabilitation to discuss your orthopedic problems so that our therapists can advise you on the best way moving forward.