Aquatics Therapy for Weight Loss?

Individuals who are overweight often suffer from a wide range of physical ailments, including joint and back pain. Because of these complications, people who are overweight often have a hard time exercising and finding ways to lead a healthier lifestyle. This is where aquatics therapy comes in. Over the years, we have made a lot of progress and have learned about different techniques and therapies that can help people in pain. Aquatics therapy is so beneficial because the buoyancy of the water supports the body in a manner that removes any pressure placed on the joints.

While many people do not think of aquatics therapy right away when looking at their options for weight loss, maybe they should. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than one-third of all Americans are obese. This continues to be a growing problem for American adults, and something we must address before it’s too late. Not only does being overweight prevent you from doing many things, but it can lead to a wide range of physical ailments. With this in mind, it is not only important for people to make lifestyle changes such as daily exercise and diet but look for other ways to get back on track, such as aquatics therapy.

Benefits of Aquatics Therapy for Weight Loss

If you are new to the idea of aquatics therapy for weight loss, the first thing you should understand is how the physical properties of water benefit those suffering from joint pain and immobility because of their weight. Water is extremely buoyant, making it great for exercising because it reduces the pain of movement and gives you more range of motion. Other benefits of aquatics therapy for those who are overweight include:

  • Hydrostatic pressure – Water is denser than air, meaning it puts more pressure on your body as you move. Water adjusts and moves to accommodate your movements, compressing your skin, muscles, and joints. This makes it much easier for those with limitations to perform exercises to help them lose weight.
  • Constant resistance – Another benefit of aquatics therapy is the fact that water offers constant resistance. Performing exercises in the water is one of the most energy-intensive workouts, even though it may not seem like it. Water forces you to exert more energy, helping to tone muscles and improve range of motion.
  • Rebuild muscle memory – If you have lost muscle memory because of lack of exercise, aquatics therapy could be the answer. Water has a natural viscosity and resistance, forcing you to move slower, working to rebuild muscle memory.
  • Improves circulation – Aquatics therapy can also help people lose weight by improving circulation. The water used for aquatics therapy is usually kept at around 94 degrees Fahrenheit, which promotes circulation and blood flow to the limbs.

To learn more about how you may be able to lose weight through aquatics therapy, please contact our Bedford aquatics therapy center today.