Aquatics Therapy for Traumatic Brain Injury

Aquatics-Therapy-Classic-Rehab-Traumatic-Brain-Injury-Arlington-Grand-PrairieAquatics therapy has become one of the most talked about, effective forms of therapy when it comes to treating a wide range of injuries and ailments. Whether someone is dealing with chronic back pain, has recently undergone hip surgery, or has suffered a traumatic brain injury, aquatics therapy very well may be the answer. For those who have a traumatic brain injury (TBI), the very idea of immersing themselves into a swimming pool may seem less than ideal – even terrifying to some. However, water therapy allows people with TBI to perform patterns of movement without the fear of falling or injuring themselves in some other manner. With the assistance of knowledgeable, trained aquatics therapists, patients with TBI will be able to work on building strength and increasing stability over time.

One of the number one reasons why aquatics therapy is so beneficial to those with TBI is that it allows these individuals to engage in movement exploration in the water. This means that, through the help of water, the patient will be able to regain an understanding of the way their body works. One of the most frustrating things for people with TBI is the fact that actions that came naturally before are extremely difficult, if not impossible. People often lose their knowledge of what a body can do and the mechanics of the body with an injury to the brain. However, by engaging in regular aquatics therapy, they may be able to regain some understanding of this while working to strengthen the body.

Understanding TBI

When someone sustains an injury to the brain it is incredibly traumatic, hence the name. Depending on the specific circumstances surrounding the injury, an individual may never get back to ‘normal’. Here are a few statistics about TBI to help you better understand:

  • TBI is one of the number one causes of disability worldwide
    • More than 2.5 million Americans suffer some level of traumatic brain injury every year
    • Of that number, 280,000 require long-term hospitalization and therapy
  • Some of the leading causes of TBI include falls, blunt force trauma, and auto accidents
  • 3 million Americans are currently living with some type of long-term disability as the result of TBI

The Benefits of Aquatics Therapy for TBI

Beyond helping an individual regain strength, confidence, and overall body mechanics, there are numerous other ways in which aquatics therapy can help someone with TBI:

  • Boost confidence – When someone suffers a brain injury or is in an accident that results in a severe disability, their confidence will undoubtedly falter. Through water therapy, these individuals are able to relearn certain skills and, in turn, boost their confidence
  • Regain functional range of motion – Aquatics therapy exercises are designed to help individuals build strength and regain their range of motion. With the help of a trained Grand Prairie aquatics therapist, patients with TBI will be able to work towards this goal in a safe environment
  • Faster rehabilitation time – Research indicates that patients with TBI who engage in some type of water therapy build strength and regain range of motion quicker than those who do not

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