Aquatics Therapy for Competitive Athletes: What Is There to Know?

aquatics-therapy-for-competitive-atletes-what-is-there-to-know-classic-rehabilitation-arlington-grand-prairie-bedford-texasIf you’ve been reading our blog on a regular basis, you have likely learned that both aquatics and physical therapy are great for a wide range of conditions and ailments. One of the best things about aquatics therapy is that everyone from the young and the old to the overweight and those who are competitive athletes can benefit. We can go on and on about the seemingly endless benefits of water therapy, but we think you’ve gotten the point.

With that in mind, today we are going to focus on aquatics therapy for competitive athletes. You may remember a blog we did a while back about how aquatics therapy can provide support when healing from sports injuries, and today we are going to build off of that topic. Competitive athletes are some of the most fit, healthy people there are, but that is not to say they don’t get injured or need a little therapeutic assistance from time to time. In order for athletes to perform to their highest ability, they must be healthy and have excellent body awareness. Aquatics therapy does just that. Not only does it come in handy when recovering from a sports injury, but when used as a preventive form of therapy, it can be incredibly useful. Athletes understand the positive implications associated with warm therapy pools, which is why you will often find them hanging around our pools!

Understanding the Benefits

Depending on the sport, it is not uncommon for athletes to sustain injuries at least once a week. While the large majority of these injuries are minor and certainly don’t prevent the athlete from competing, they still hurt and can turn into a much bigger problem if left untreated. This is just one reason why aquatics therapy is so popular among athletes. Not only does it feel good, but when done on a regular basis it can really help athletes recover and minimize the pain they are experiencing. From a strained muscle or ligament to broken bones, soreness, deep bruises, low back, or shoulder immobility, water therapy can help many different ailments. Furthermore, athletes often spend hours working out and exerting themselves physically. Sure, they need to stay in shape during their off time, but land-based exercises can wreak havoc on their bodies.

Enter, aquatics therapy. Warm water not only feels great on tired and over-worked muscles, but it allows competitive athletes a platform to perform important strengthening and mobility exercises to keep them in shape. Water therapy is great for decreased weight-bearing exercises, which is particularly important if someone is experiencing a strain on a specific joint or part of the body.

The Bottomline

Aquatics therapy gives athletes the opportunity to continue training while still resting and giving the body time to recuperate. If your physician recommends rest but you don’t want to lose all that muscle memory or strength, aquatics therapy very well may be the answer. It combines a handful of different modalities based on the patient’s specific needs, which means the program will be tailored to your needs. To learn more about the benefits of aquatics therapy for competitive athletes, please feel free to visit one of our three locations in Bedford, Arlington, or Grand Prairie.