A Look at the Most Common Hip Problems

Common-Hip-Problems-Classic-Rehabilitation-Arlington-Grand-Prairie-Bedford-Texas-Physical-Therapy-FacilityMany people suffer from hip pain or discomfort, whether as a result of a serious injury, regular wear and tear, or some other cause. Depending on what the root cause of your hip pain is, you likely have several different options as far as treatment goes. If left untreated, hip pain can wreak havoc on your overall quality of life and even lead to more serious problems, in some cases. Because of this, it is absolutely imperative that you take the time to address the hip issues plaguing you and work towards finding a solution that best fits your needs. As with many other types of chronic pain, hip issues are more likely to show up in women than men. However, due to the complicated nature of hip pain, it can be difficult to put a finger on what, exactly, is causing the pain.

One of the most effective forms of treatment for hip pain is physical therapy. Because physical therapy integrates a wide range of beneficial, gentle stretches and exercises, it has proven to be quite helpful for those suffering from common hip problems. Physical therapy aims to both stretch and strengthen specific muscles and joints within the hip, helping the patient regain stability and experience far less pain and discomfort. Physical therapy exercises are designed to restore movement to the joint, promoting blood flow in order to enhance the healing process.

Now that we know how physical therapy can help those experiencing chronic hip pain, let’s look at a few of the most common hip problems or injuries:

  • Dislocation – One of the most common types of hip injuries in the U.S. is dislocations, which can be extremely painful. A dislocation occurs when the head of the femur (or thigh bone) slips out of the pelvis (or hip bone). This is a common injury following car accidents, falls, or other types of trauma. Those who are dealing with a dislocated hip often experience pain and mobility issues as well as numbness due to lack of sensation in the foot or ankle, if nerve damage is present.
  • Strain – Yet another common issue affecting the hips are strains. A strain occurs when one the muscles in the hip is stretched or torn, for whatever reason. This often happens as a result of overuse or even stretching the muscle beyond its normal range and capability. Symptoms of a hip strain include pain, swelling, and even loss of strength.
  • Osteoarthritis – This is one of the most common forms of arthritis, and hip issues, that affects older adults in particular. Osteoarthritis occurs when natural wear-and-tear of the hip damages the cartilage. As mentioned, this is quite common with aging, those who are overweight, and people who have suffered an injury that causes stress to the hip joint.
  • Tendinitis and Bursitis – Last but not least, it is quite common for the tendons surrounding the hip that connect the muscles to the joint to have problems. They can become inflamed due to overuse or from strenuous activities, such as hiking or mountain biking.

If you are experiencing hip pain or discomfort and are curious how physical therapy may be able to help, please contact Classic Rehabilitation today. Our trained Bedford physical therapists have the experience and knowledge necessary to assess your hip problems and come up with the right treatment plan for you. To learn more about our Arlington, Grand Prairie, or Bedford physical therapy services for hip pain, please contact Classic Rehab today.