Weight Loss - Classic RehabObesity has become a very big problem in the United States, and weight loss is one of the biggest challenges many Americans face. Many patients who are obese have range of motion along with flexibility issues greatly benefit from the HydroWorx aquatics therapy pool. In water, a human being becomes 80% weightless, allowing only 20% of the patient’s body weight on their joints and muscles. An underwater environment allows the patient to perform exercises and movements by reducing pressure on their joints. We here at Classic Rehabilitation, Inc. understand that many patients who are overweight are at risk for falling or losing their balance, so the safety of the water is very helpful. Moreover, this all has been proven in many research studies which have shown obese patients who implement consistent pool workouts for weight loss will experience a lower sensitivity to pain. Also, at Texas A&M University they found that patients who ran underwater gain leaner muscle mass versus those who run on land.

Surprisingly enough, even though under water a patient is 80% weightless, they still burn twice the amount of calories as a patient who is above water. Underwater exercise programs are effective as well as efficient. While burning more calories and reducing pain, patients are increase their strength and mobility, regain range of motion and their endurance, improve their overall balance and reduce any swelling they may be experiencing. It has been concluded that about eighty percent of patients prefer the HydroWorx aquatics therapy pool over an on the land base treadmill. So, if you are a current of potential patient with any concerns or questions about weight loss aquatics therapy, then contact Classic Rehabilitation, Inc. at any of our conveniently locations in Arlington, Bedford and Grand Prairie today. Our goal is to provide our patients with a full service physical therapy physicality that goes above and beyond, including aquatics therapy.