Classic Rehabilitation, Inc. takes a huge interest in our patients who are competitive athletes because we understand that without their ability to do what they love, athletes can be the best or the worst rehab patients. Critical aspects of an athlete’s training include swimming and running, which with aquatics therapy may be virtually done without injury. Our HydroWorx pool provides a supplemental training routine as the patient recovers from an injury or a muscle strain. Aquatics therapy helps competitive athletes increase their mobility and strength while maintaining fitness levels. The goal is to decreases swelling, pain, and remove weight from their joints and bones. Many competitive athletes visit us due to an overuse of a muscle or joint just as often they come due to an injury or sprain.

Skills training utilized by the HydroWorx Therapy pool allow for the patient to continue running underwater on the treadmill and build their strength against the resistance jets. Moreover, this is precisely how we help the athletes maintain their level of fitness. Preventing muscle fatigue or atrophy is crucial in any rehabilitation program, and aquatics therapy is no different. We encourage our patients to take care of themselves outside of the rehab center as well by proper sleep quality, eating healthy, relaxing and reducing their overall levels of stress. Additionally, after a workout we recommend the patient treat themselves to a deep penetrating massage in order to decrease lactic acid buildup in their muscles. This procedure is a great feature for the overall pain management and recovery process.

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