“Our Mission: restoring Lives to their optimal level of independence and well being”

Since 1996 we, here at Classic Rehabilitation, Inc., have been restoring lives to their optimal level of independence and well-being. Our mission is to help patients with all sorts of physical limitations due to any form of acute or chronic injury hindering a person from living their day to day life. Physical therapy focuses on targeted stretching, strengthening, and correction of aggravating postural as well as biochemical factors. We help heal our patients via modalities that decrease pain and improve their overall health at an individual level.

At Classic Rehabilitation we also believe in educating our patients in all aspects of their injury, disease, condition, therapy and rehabilitation. Through our nineteen years of experience, we understand that each patient is an individual. Whereas some patients may be up and about, back to their normal selves in a matter of days or weeks, we respect that some patients need more consistent as well as constant care. Classic Rehabilitation was built on the understanding of what it means for a patient on a personal level how difficult recovery can be and we do everything in our capability to help our patients succeed at their personal, physical and mental goals.

Our team at Class Rehabilitation, Inc. is dedicated to each of our patients.


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